About EZ DNN Hosting

EZ DNN Hosting was created as a hands on full life cycle web site design and management company. We approach each customer as a unique opportunity to create something new, fresh, and profitable for our clients. Our clients are in the business to run their organizations, stay profitable, service their customers, and enjoy life! 

Our goal is to handle your web site from creation to maintenance without worrying you about the details.  

Business Approach

Like most of our customers, we are a small business. First and foremost, we want to truly service our customers. We are not interested in having 10,000 customers with no direct interaction. That is not our model. We want to engage each of our customers and deliver something truly unique that makes both of us feel rewarded. Creating value is what we do. 

How do we price? 

You won't see a "fee schedule" on this web site. The answer is that it depends. We offer a complete approach to your web site including graphic design and photography, to content management, and so much more. After we have had a chance to get to know each other and feel that we have a good grasp of what's expected, we will provide you with a personalized budget before we do anything for you. A typical fairly static web site can run a few hundred dollars to create. Ultimately, we will work within your budget to maximize the use of your investment. 


Long-term business requires trust. At EZ DNN Hosting, you have a team that you can trust. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to your needs every day of the week. 


… coupled with a fanatical attention to detail: that's our mission. It's ear catching. It sounds a little funny. It's a crazy, outlandish claim for some, but we live those words. Our team excels at delivering error-free projects under tight deadlines: Expeditious service coupled with a fanatical attention to detail.

Customer References

Please visit our Pinterest site by clicking the logo at the bottom of each page of our web site. Here you will find several of our customer sites that we are most proud of. The list is growing each week. If you would like to speak with one or two of our references, we will gladly provide them to you. 

What are you waiting for? Let's get started! 


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