Content Management

Time is Money

Time is a valuable asset but not everyone has enough time to manage their own website efficiently. However, consistent and regular website management service should not go overlooked. The good news is by regularly updating your site and bringing it up to code standards, your search engine rankings will likely improve.

Whether you’re selling products online, using your website for an information source, or just maintaining an online presence to compliment your business, an effective content management service helps you make the most of your website in an affordable way.

Content Placement

EZ DNN Hosting are experts in placing the right amount of text with the right amount of graphics in just the right place to create and manage stunningly beautiful and functional web sites. 

Social Media Integration

What's with all this Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Blogger stuff? Perhaps you want a blog to compliment your site, or a photo album, or link your site to any accompanying your social media presence. We use and support almost all the technology you can throw at us. If we don't know it; we'll learn it for you at no charge to you! 

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