Domain Management

Domain Name Acquisition

Whether or not you have acquired your domain name(s), we provide full web services including obtaining and registering your domain name. We monitor to guarantee your domain name(s) never expires accidentally. 

Misspelled Variants

Once we have acquired your relevant domain name(s), we work with you to determine the most common misspellings and purchase the .com domain names of each. We will redirect these URL´s to your primary site. 

Generic Variants

We also follow a creative exercise: if a prospect were searching for your product or business but didn´t know what it was called, what generic words or phrases might they use to describe it? Once a final list is created, we recommend that you buy each available .com domain name on the list and redirect each of these URLs to your primary website. This exercise will allow the capture of “type-in traffic” (the traffic generated from people typing the word/phrase directly into the browser address bar without spaces followed by .com). Depending on the terms involved, this could be a substantial number of visitors.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Understanding the intricacies of domain services and DNS management is what we do every day. 

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