We use the latest server/operating system technology available on the market. Our servers are set up and managed by us; not a third party. We offer redundant systems across multiple sites so you are guaranteed to have a web site up and running. We carefully monitor server and memory performance to ensure every web site performs at the highest level. We will never run thousands of web sites on a single server. 


Have you ever visited a web site and had to wait for a minute or two....or longer....for the site to come up. Visitors to your site are not patient and will quickly abandon you if your site performs too slow or is non-responsive. We mitigate this performance nightmare by implementing a keepalive service for each of our sites. WE control when a site needs to be restarted! 

Google Analytics

For each of our web sites, we implement Google Analytics so you have all the data from your visitors at your fingertips. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, please visit their web site

Content and Site Backup

In addition to redundancy, we actively back up the data and site structure every night and store it in the Cloud away from our servers completely. DotNetNuke also employs content revision management so you can revert back to previously published content if needed. This give us several levels of safety in managing the content on your web site. 

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